9 Tips for Nailing a Steak Dinner for a Crowd

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As is well-known, steak is the best item to serve for a dinner party. Steaks on the table will surely help you win hearts and invite a lot of compliments from your guests. However, to have an excellent dinner party, you must not ignore the below tips.

good places to eat in overland park ks

Set the Ambience

Food is enjoyed well when it is served in a complimenting atmosphere. Lighting and decorations play a significant role in setting the ambience and making your party the most happening one. Thus to enjoy a real steak treat you must get the decor prepared accordingly.

Shop Wisely

Simple calculations and planning the party menu beforehand can greatly help you in buying enough meat for all your guests.

good places to eat in overland park ks

Give the Plates an Extra Touch

It is not required that you treat your guests with fancy dinnerware and exquisite garnishing, but to give your dinner party a special touch, you can heat up the plates or chill them depending on the dishes you plan to serve.

good places to eat in overland park ks

More Options for Side Dishes

Variety in dishes is the key to winning hearts at a dinner party. People around the world love to have different dishes as flavorful sides, and more importantly, having options allows your guests to choose among an array of delicacies that ultimately makes them feel special. Including at least three side dishes on the table will make the meal more enjoyable and awesome.

good places to eat in overland park ks

Be Generous With Sauces

Some of the best steakhouses allow you to choose not just the steak cut but also the sauce to go with it. To host a grand dinner party, you should replicate the magic. For this, you can go for a simple aioli, a red wine shallot sauce and a classic steak sauce.

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Serve Family-Style Fillets

Dinner parties at home are often full of fun and good food. To ensure everyone enjoys the meal to the fullest, you should consider buying a larger cut of less expensive steak. Slicing the meat and serving it family style will undoubtedly lead to happy guests. You can also pre-plate some of the steak for each guest.

good places to eat in overland park ks

Add Shrimp to the Menu

Usually, people look for lobster at a grand dinner party, but if you prefer not to include them in the menu, then to please your guests you can arrange for a few pounds of fresh or frozen shrimp for the dinner party.

good places to eat in overland park ks

Include Exquisite Wine and Beverages

Red wine is supposedly the perfect companion of steak. Diners visiting the best steak restaurants often like to have a cabernet or merlot along with their food. The best way to serve wine at a dinner party is to offer some exquisite variants that include red wine and let your guests be the judges for what they would like to have.

good places to eat in overland park ks

Don’t Forget the Dessert

A sweet dish comprising of chocolate finishes off a steak dinner party better than anything else. Therefore, to taste the joy of life at a great dinner party with your loved ones, you can visit some good places to eat in Overland Park, KS, as these let you dive into the taste of life with excellent steak, wine and dessert.

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