Plan A Sunday Lunch Out With Your Family In Overland Park

Who doesn’t enjoy a meal out? It’s a great way to get distraction-free quality time with family, and there’s no dealing with the usual conflict over what to make for dinner. Among the best restaurants in Overland Park, KS you’ll find menus to satisfy even the pickiest palate.

Lunch at overland park

At Redrock Canyon, indulge in crispy, tender calamari served with tangy salsa; huge poblano peppers stuffed full of seasoned chicken and cheese; and don’t forget the iron skillet cornbread with a thick pad of butter. These are just the starters.

For the main course, try the rotisserie chicken pot pie or famous Persimmon Hill meatloaf with mashed red potatoes and glazed carrots – an American classic made with the care it deserves.

Then there’s the salmon. We’d venture to say you’ve never actually tasted salmon until you’ve had it here. Slow smoked, seasoned perfectly with a sweet and savory glaze, and served with a creamy Cayenne aioli.

Whatever you have for your special evening out or Sunday lunch with family, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Many children are allergic to one or more food items. You should carefully check the menu to see if a particular item contains allergens. A good restaurant will cater to the needs of their guests, no matter how tricky the request may seem. Ask about the ingredients and even the preparation to make sure.


You and your family want to eat fresh, healthy foods, even when dining out. The best restaurants in Overland Park, KS are all about the dining experience which is centered on quality ingredients and real flavor – not just drowning everything in sugar, fat, and salt.

A Breath of Fresh Air

After a big meal, it is advisable for you to take your family for a walk. This will speed up the digestion process and give you a chance to take in what Overland Park has to offer.


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